Automatic Tape Winder for Manual Operated Roller Shutters

Are you sick of winding your Manual operated window Roller Shutters everyday?

Is your Arthritis or other such illness’ making it hard for you to operate your Roller Shutters?

Then the Rollo Drive 50 is the solution for you.

Convert your manual Window Roller Shutters to Automatic, at a fraction of the price you would pay for conversion to Electric.


The Rollo Drive 50 was made and introduced in Siegen, Germany. It was designed to replace your Manual operated Roller Shutter winder box or pull system, and makes your Roller Shutter operate automatically.

At the press of a button, your Roller Shutters will operate easier than ever. No more winding those old crank winder boxes.

The Rollo drive also allows you to set a timer. Once you have set the times for your Roller Shutters to open and close, your Roller Shutters will operate without any further actions needed, until you re-adjust the time setting. Also a great security feature when you are out of town on holidays to deter any possible break-ins.

The Rollo Drive also comes standard with the Automatic Sunlight Mode. Simply connect the included sensor into the Rollo Drive and place the suction cup within the window pane. When the sensor recognizes 10 minutes of direct sunlight, the shutters are lowered until the sensors shadow covers the sensor.

A General Handyman can do installation, as no Electrician is needed for connection. Simply install your roller shutters tape/cord into the Rollo Drive, fix to the wall, and plug into your standard 240V Power Point. Follow the easy steps to set the Shutter levels, and it’s ready to go.

In case of a fire, simply pull the Roller Shutter cord from the Rollo Drive to lift the shutter up for an emergency exit through the window. Electric Roller Shutters will remain down when no power is available.

The Rollo Drive 50 comes with a 2 year warranty.


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